The Attraction of Simple Skincare Routines

As a neurodivergent, I appreciate simplicity and straightforwardness in all areas of my life, including my skincare routine. The idea of a 12-step regimen is overwhelming and impractical for me. For me, a simple and effective routine is the best approach.

Defining what “simple” means can vary from person to person. For me, a one or two-step routine is ideal. Anything beyond that can feel like too much to handle. I choose skincare products based on my skin type, whether it’s dry, oily, or a combination of both.

As someone with ADHD, spending too much time in front of the mirror can be tedious and draining. I need a routine that is easy to follow and doesn’t take up too much time. Using too many products in the morning can clutter the bathroom sink and make it difficult to remember what step comes next.

To simplify my skincare routine, I rely on Drunken Elephant. Their products are transparent, with clear instructions on how to use them. They offer a duo team action or singular products that can achieve the same purpose. I’ve tried their products and found them worth the value.

Another key aspect of a simple skincare routine is a product that can be used both morning and night. Having a routine that is easy to form a daily habit with is important for me. On days when I’m struggling with executive dysfunction or lack motivation, a simple routine is helpful.

For this purpose, I recommend Murad Hydrator, Oil-free. It serves as a duo in action for both morning and night, with the main purpose of hydration. It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and versatile.

Finally, I ensure that the skincare products I use have natural and organic ingredients. This is important to me because I want to take the best possible route to natural and glowing skin. I also consider whether the product meets my core expectations, such as helping me achieve my skin resolutions, its value, and cost, and whether it’s a one or two-step routine.

One product line that meets these expectations is One Love Organics. Their products are made with natural and organic ingredients such as jojoba, oat, chia seeds, organic coconut oil, and organic peel wax. Their new product recommendation is a super-saver multi-tasker that can be used for both day and night, making it a great choice for a simple skincare routine.

In conclusion, simplicity is key when it comes to skincare routines. As a neurodivergent individual, I need a routine that is easy to engage with and doesn’t feel like a chore. By choosing simple, effective products that meet my expectations, I can maintain healthy and glowing skin without feeling overwhelmed. Remember, a simple routine doesn’t have to sacrifice effectiveness or quality.