You are no ordinary person, and you know that deep down, even if you have forgotten it or are not aware of it now. Your mere presence carries meaning, and what you bring to the table of life is unique and should be acknowledged. In essence, you are simply one of a kind.

However, on a daily basis, we have become so used to things, situations, relationships, and most of all, our work. They take and take, feeding off our energy and depleting our mind, body, and soul connection. But enough is enough. It’s time to face the truth: You have always mattered.

It’s essential that we fill our cup with what truly matters – and that’s you. Notice what gives you life and follow it. It’s not just about nutrients for our physical health but also finding things that pique our interests and reflect our passions. It’s about experimenting with life and taking a creative stroll with finding nuanced ways to get actively involved with ourselves.

It’s nourishing the mind and body, just like how we hydrate our skin. What works for you? Is it being in nature, reading a good book, or finding that sweet spot that allows your mind to run free? It’s about spending time and effort into nourishing the most important areas for us to exist.

Getting back to the self is what truly takes forefront. Is it going to the gym, taking a walk, standing in your personal truth, or taking accountability for things that were once lost? Is it exploring new places? Remember, you matter.

It’s also about finding meaning in something and getting creative. When we can express ourselves and find inner meaning, it feels good. Creativity goes hand in hand with discovering what truly resonates with us. You can find inspiration and energy in something that gets your gears moving. Maybe it’s music, or perhaps you’re the type that likes to learn and take courses online. Whatever it is, use your awareness to stimulate what has been understimulating.

Redirecting your flow of energy is also vital. You can take notice and want to be busy, engaging with your senses, and feeding what is meant to keep us sustained. It’s about appreciating and engaging with what is and isn’t important. Life is art, and we are one piece. Get lost in something peculiar, build something with your own two hands, and strike with honesty.

In these times, we are given a plethora of choices – that means we can make decisions that are impactful, healthy, and align with our conscious awakening. It’s about getting re-acquainted with ourselves and loving every step of the way. Be at peace and don’t feel ashamed. You are able to be with yourself, know yourself, and keep in your vibrational frequency. Being present in these exact moments is all there is, and the temperature sets the stage for evolving.

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